Huna Weekend: Energy, Mindset, and Manisfesting Your Dreams

Have you ever asked yourself:

• Who am I?
• What is my spiritual nature?
• What is the nature of the world of which I live?
• What is my life's purpose?
• How were people in ancient times connected to nature?
• How can I connect with the elemental forces of nature and live in harmony with my environment?
• Why do things happen the way they do?
• Why am I here?

What is Huna?

Huna comes from ancient times, it is one of the original art and sciences of healing and spiritual development. We believe that it may be as old as 35,000 years and is a part of the original teachings of the peoples of the earth which were centered here in Hawai'i on a continent which now, no longer exists. All that remains physically of that land are the mountain peaks of the island chain called Hawai'i.

Huna is about empowerment, about increasing your spirituality, energy, and metaphysical healing powers. What if you could experience and connect physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with a High Power that can empower you to bring into your life whatever you desire.

In Huna Weekend: Energy, Mindset, and Manifesting Your Dreams you will:

• Connect with your Higher Conscious Mind, through a powerful Hawaiian process.
• Learn to harness mana (energy) for release work as well as manifesting prosperity in your life.
• Connection with the elements that were a building block of all ancient teaching and energy work.
• Experience Ho'oponopono and the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness to help you overcome baggage and strengthen your relationship
• Gain a powerful and deep understanding of your spiritual self and how it relates to your path.