Empowering Your Life® Weekend Seminar

Free your mind of limiting beliefs, release pain and emotions that no longer serve you, discover your hidden talents and dreams, and create a practical action plan for living an empowering and fulfilling life


Empowering Your Life® is an uplifting and transformative 3-day weekend seminar in a comfortable, supportive and nurturing environment. During this experiential seminar, you will learn how to resolve and let go of the past, release unconscious limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns that are preventing you from getting what you really want, get clear about what is truly important to you and create realistic action steps to achieve your goals. You will also learn a process for getting in touch with your emotions, both positive and negative, and learning how to manage your emotional states in the moment and during difficult times.


Do you experience any of the following…
• You want a loving, nurturing relationship but you find yourself attracting the same unavailable partner over and over again
• Your health and fitness goals always seem to get derailed
• You stay in unfulfilling jobs despite wanting something better
• You have big dreams and goals but often lack the motivation to see them through
• You go through the motions of life but you rarely feel alive or joyful
• You have experienced trauma in the past that seems to keep you stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors and habits in the present
• You struggle with depression, anxiety, loneliness, a feeling of emptiness or lack of connection
• You find it difficult to share what you want with your partner or family members
• You are constantly in angst about money no matter how hard you work or try to save

Whether you want to experience a nurturing, loving relationship, a more fulfilling career, more abundance and wealth, better health and a greater sense of well-being, or a deeper understanding of how to align your mind and emotions to achieve success, Empowering Your Life® is for you!


When you gain a clear understanding of what beliefs and choices you make each day that are in direct opposition to what you want in life, you are able to release what is no longer serving you and make room for what you do want in your life. By learning, experiencing and incorporating powerful tools and techniques during this weekend seminar, you will rediscover yourself, regain clarity, and redesign your life in a way that supports your vision, goals, and dreams. Using the proven, science-based method of Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, you will learn quick and effective ways for releasing negative emotions, beliefs and behaviors (including those deep unconscious processes that run your life) and impress new, empowering emotions, thoughts and beliefs that align with what you want in your life.


• Learn how to set and enforce boundaries for healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships
• Let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors instantly
• Reveal and process deep and unsettling emotions for lasting healing
• Use powerful mental and emotional release® techniques to dissolve pain from the past
• Get in touch with, acknowledge, and better manage, your emotions in the moment
• Communicate with others in a way that creates a deep sense of connection, acceptance and trust
• Heal your heart and rewrite your story with awareness and intention
• Discover what is truly important to you by getting in touch with your deepest values
• Use an ancient forgiveness process that will help you forgive yourself and others
• Create a realistic and empowering 30-day action plan to achieve your personal, relationship and career goals

When you attend this event, you will receive the Empowering Your Life® Manual with step-by-step guidance to keep you on track and on purpose after attending this seminar.


This seminar is suitable for anyone who is ready and willing to let go of the past, create empowering beliefs, set and achieve an important professional or personal goal, transition easily into a new career path or healthy relationship, learn more about reprogramming your mental operating system, and develop an easy to follow plan to fully experience life in an authentic and meaningful way.


• Couples and Families
• Newly Separated or Divorced
• People in Transition (career, relationship, recent move, or health change, or loss of a loved one)
• Therapists, Counselors and Educators
• Healthcare Professionals
• Holistic and Wellness Practitioners
• Life, Business and Health & Wellness Coaches
• Entrepreneurs
• Driven Business Professionals

Now is the perfect time to discover what lights you up, what inspires you to be your best, and how to completely let go of what’s keeping you from living an empowered life!


Learning Mental and Emotional Release Therapy techniques is a game changer. It creates a new filter to see self, others and life in a loving, gentle way.. Prior to this seminar, I struggled in my relationships, and experienced conflict and uncertainty. After learning MER, I found that forgiveness is the key and creating an empowered, loving relationship is totally possible. Conflict gone!! I now feel peaceful, positive and have clarity. I have great conversations with my husband. I have a feeling of peace and empowerment. Thank you! - Mandi M.

While attending this seminar I wanted to focus on personal development. I was wrapped up too tight to actually access my emotions. I have used anti-depressants for about 25 years. After going through the MER process I have found that this is worthy, and an ongoing process for me. I feel my eyes have been opened. This weekend was an opportunity to release and forgive myself. I realize psychology had been failing me and MER has given me hope. - Jim O.

Before this seminar, my future was uncertain, baggage prevented me from going after what I truly wanted and I wasn’t congruent in my abilities/skills. After going through the MER® technique during this seminar, I was able to release anger related to prior experience, got rid of guilt associated with past decisions, and kept learnings without baggage. I had gone through EMDR with a therapist and I did not feel any effects come out of that process. With MER® techniques from this seminar, it was instantaneous – even though I was initially skeptical. I am now a believer. - Farhan Q.

Before attending this seminar and experiencing the Mental and Emotional Release process, my relationships were fear based and unfocused. After going through the MER process, I feel that I can manifest a happy and successful relationship. I feel calmer, more aware of my patterns in the moment, and feel empowered to take the steps to get closer to my goal. I was able to let go of anger and sadness. This weekend seminar wipes the slate clean and allows for a fresh start. - Liuba

Prior to attending this seminar and learning Mental and Emotional Release techniques, my business had a lack of clarity and agreement. After this weekend, I know that there are amazing opportunities once baggage is released. I now have clarity of purpose and peace of mind going forward. It’s amazing to trust the unconscious mind. - Andrew M.

Before attending Empowering Your Life, I spent a great deal of time engaging in controlling behaviors and berating myself on a daily basis for a variety of real, imagined and potential situations. Anger made me feel powerful and in control when I am actually least in control. I also realized that I have been using my baggage as an excuse. I no longer wear my shoulders as earrings and I can give myself a break. I had so much baggage that I could no longer move forward. It was time to leave it behind. - Dianne M.

Mental and Emotional Release is the most important tool you can carry in your toolbox! It helps you move so fast to get out of your own personal mud and get you on the foothold you need to move on. No matter what, you will truly understand what it means to be blessed and EMPOWERED! - Alexander H.

Prior to attending this seminar and using the MER process, negative emotions were consistently gripping me! I felt fear, stuck, stagnant and a lack of execution. After going through MER, I realized that 90% of my thinking and decision making was actually coming from baggage or limiting beliefs I had in my unconscious mind. I now feel a void from the charge I would get from negative emotions I had around my career. I now have the ability to understand my authentic self on a deeper level. MER is without a doubt the most effective, powerful and best technique I have ever used for letting go of my old baggage! - Mason G.


Dr. Matt James, Founder of the Empowerment Partnership and Master Trainer of NLP, Mental, Emotional Release® Therapy and Huna

Dr. Matt James is the most sought after and respected Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER) in the world today. While devoting himself to these teachings and to the integrity of his spiritual path in ancient Huna teachings, Dr. Matt founded the Empowerment Partnership, is the author of several books, and trains thousands of people every year in the mastery of the four bodies of empowerment with the support of his team of expert trainers. Dr. Matt uniquely weaves effective modern technologies with the timeless wisdom of ancient spiritual paths to provide an integrative, yet practical, approach to living an empowered life.

Tris Thorp, Integrative Empowerment Coach, International Bestselling Author of Healing Your Heart, and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy Practitioner

Tris Thorp,is Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy,is a certified Breakthrough Shadow Coach, Reiki Master, and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her unique approach reflects not only her personal experience, but also her extensive studies with some of the world’s leading teachers in emotional education, meditation, and wellness including Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon and Debbie Ford.


Celebrating over 35 years in business, the Empowerment Partnership is the world’s foremost leading authority in providing the most powerful training experiences in alternative and integrative approaches in psychology, human understanding, neuroscience and personal growth. Offering a unique blend of neuroscience, energy and emotional psychology, we are committed to helping people all over the world live intentionally and experience total freedom, fulfillment, and autonomy in all areas of their lives.

We are so confident that you will experience extraordinary results after attending this event and implementing what you learn, we offer a 100%‑satisfaction guarantee.* If you are not completely satisfied with what we offer at our Empowering Your Life® event, you may receive a full refund or credit of the purchase price if after attending first day, you decide this training is not a fit for you.

*You must provide your sales receipt to receive refund. Trainers and curriculum subject to change without prior notice. Must be 18 years of age or older to attend unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Call us at 800-800-MIND or email us at info@nlp.com and our team will be happy to answer your questions.